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Potato Chips

Wild Harvest Organic Potato Chips

Organic Potato Chips

Meet the Farmer

Wild Harvest products come from farmers, ranchers and suppliers that are dedicated to responsible practices. It’s our way of ensuring that you get the high quality, free-from foods you and your family deserve.

The story of our Organic Potato Chips begins in the heart of Wisconsin at Bula Gieringer Farms where second-generation farmer Shawn Bula dedicated 10 acres exclusively for Wild Harvest last spring.

Bula made the decision to start growing organics about five years ago, viewing it as an opportunity to supply to new markets that value responsibly-produced ingredients. As more consumers make purchase decisions based on where their food comes from, Bula believes organics provide some peace of mind for Wild Harvest customers.

“Everybody wants to know what’s on their produce, what’s being put in the ground,” Bula said. “With the farm-to-table movement, it gives consumers a better idea of what’s actually going on. We’re not just out there pouring on chemicals and fertilizers--we manage the crops closely.” 

Wild Harvest Organic Potato Chips from Bula Gieringer Farms

Our limited-edition Organic Potato Chips are a special project for Wild Harvest because of the direct relationship we have with Bula Gieringer Farms.

“Our customers are very concerned about where their food is coming from,” said Matthew Albers, Wild Harvest’s product manager. “With this project, our customers wil l not only know where the potatoes are coming from, but the farmer himself.”

Nearly 25,000 pounds of potatoes were harvested from Bula’s farm in early August and shipped off for processing. Just two weeks later, nearly 60,000 bags hit store shelves.

Albers says this will likely be the start of a longstanding relationship with the central Wisconsin farm. Now in his fifth year of growing organics, Bula doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

“People like the concept that their food is a little cleaner,” Bula said. “We’re in for the long haul.”